The Super Bowl 2005-2006: Iron Men and Girlie Men

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I slept through the third quarter because there is switch in this old man’s body that turns to “OFF” and there is nothing in God’s Universe that can take it off automatic. So I sleep for part of all football games. I just can’t get that switch set to halftime.

I also miss part of each game because I read while I’m watching the game. If not reading, I’m doing a logic puzzle. If not reading or doing a puzzle, I’m out in the kitchen brewing something up. So I never see all of a football game. Not even the Super Bowl, the football game of all football games.

Despite my inattention, yesterday’s football game was to my liking. Too often the Super Bowl turn into a rout. But this was a match of endurance and strength and the Steelers pulled off a great victory.

Seattle should hold their heads high. They played great and they lost like men. They had some bad luck too. They actually lost by inches if you analyze some of the caught passes that didn’t count as receptions.

I live in the Northwest. Seattle is the preference up in these parts. In สมัครเว็บ ufabet fact my son and his family live in Seattle. But we lived in Pittsburgh too. So, who ever won was okay for us. But I’m glad that Pittsburgh won because I think that the Pittsburgh coach is a fine family man that does not mouth filthy words to his players when they make a mistake.

He said that he wanted to win the game for that old fellow you saw hoisting the trophy before it was awarded to him. Seeing the coach hugging his daughters and kissing his wife was just grand. What a day! Well, I like Seattle’s coach too. Two fine men.

At halftime we had to watch the Rolling Stones. They may be of the species that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the weight lifter and Hollywood actor turned California state governor, calls “girly-men.” What the hell were they doing on that football field? Well maybe some of their gyrations could be used by running backs.