Tips on Developing Your Adult Flag Football Playbook

It’s autumn and football season is in full swing. That means tailgating, pick up games and flag football. To make sure your team stands apart from the rest of the chuck and duck teams out there, you need to start with an adult flag football playbook.

The most important rule when developing your adult flag football playbook is to keep things simple. The last thing you need is a group of confused teammates. Begin by drawing three or four pass routes for your receivers: one long route, some middle routes, and a short route. Flag football is all about the passing game but running the football is vital in keeping the defense guessing. Draw about two plays to each side of the field. Keep at least one draw play in your book for aggressive pass rushers.

Now that you’ve developed some passing routes and a few running plays it’s time to put them together. For pass plays, make sure each play has a progression of targets. There should be at least three targets: the primary, the secondary and the bail out. A bail out receiver is who you go to when no one is open and you want to avoid the sack. Pass plays should also involve complimentary receiver routes. That is to say if the right outside receiver runs a deep inside route then a secondary right side receiver should run a medium outside route. Remind your receivers to come back to the quarterback if he’s in trouble.

Do not underestimate the audible. You may have thought you called the right play but then you get to the line of scrimmage and find out you’re in trouble. You should have one or two plays to switch to. An audible can have any code name you want but you’ll still want a system. If you use a  www.ufabetone word audible like “blue” for instance, you will be very predictable. A better system would be making a series of calls in which a specific word position designates the play. Let’s say a color word is a run and a state word is a pass. Then let’s say the third word is the actual play. If you call out “kangaroo – tango – Alabama – red”, then Alabama designates the audible pass play.

Your adult flag football playbook won’t be complete without a defense. The best basic defense to run would be a cover two. This defense requires cornerbacks and linebackers to cover receivers man to man, while the safeties divide the deep field in half. If a receiver enters their half of the field, the safety helps out.

You now have a basic starting point for your adult flag football playbook. Some teams may be more advanced but if your team understands the game you may find your playbook growing very quickly. Make sure your team uses some of the many internet and text resources that are out there. Your ten plays could soon turn into 20 or more. Good luck!